A dedicated fighter building power for CWA members & workers

Proven leadership in turning bold vision and strategy in powerful and winning political, legislative and organizing campaigns. Derrick is an effective leader who tirelessly works side-by-side with CWA members, with a united militancy and vision to win better, stronger contracts for CWA members, expand unionization in our industries, keep Democrats and Republicans accountable to working people and maintain strong support for local leaders and members.

Derrick has the Experience Building Power with District 6 Leaders and Members we need

1999 Employed at the University of Texas at San Antonio

2006 Texas State Employees Union Organizer

2007 Texas State Employees Union (TSEU-CWA) Organizer

2009 TSEU Political and Legislative Director

2014 District 6 Political and Legislative Campaign Lead

2016 District 6 Staff Representative over Political and Legislative Strategy

2017 District 6 Area Director of Organizing, Mobilization, Political and Legislative Campaigns

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